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Since May 31st, 2014

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Air Dates: September 14, 1987 - February 24, 1988
Episodes: 65
Runtime: 25 minutes
Seasons: 1
Company: Filmation
Created By: Donald Kushner and Peter Locke

When the evil magician Stampede arrived on the planet of New Texas, a world rich in the rare mineral Kerium, he granted terrible powers to the greedy miner Tex Hex. Using his new abilities, Tex instigated a reign of terror, and the desperate New Texans sent out a cry for help. This was answered by Marshall Bravestarr, a futuristic lawman with powers of his own. Now, ably assisted by his cyborg horse and partner 30/30 (a being able to switch between a horse form and an equine humanoid, armed with a gun he called Sara Jane), and his mentor Shaman (Stampede's arch enemy), Bravestarr fights to bring peace to his new home.

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 Marshall BraveStarr on DVD!!!

The Complete Series - 65 Episode Collection

Legend of Bravestarr - The Movie

The Best of Bravestarr

BraveStarr: Volume One

BraveStarr: Volume Two


"Spirit Animal Powers"
Stregnth of the Bear:
Gives him super-stregnth.
Eyes of the Hawk:
Lets him see great distances.
Speed of the Puma:
Gives him super-speed.
Ears of the Wolf:
Gives him super-hearing.
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New Texas Daily News

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